Pre-order: Castlefest 2020 Hoodie “Celtic Crow” (Lady Fit)

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Order our beautiful Castlefest 2020 hoodie (ladyfit) now! The hoodie is black with the Castlefest logo on the front and the beautiful “Celtic Crow” on the back, designed by none other than Kai Uwe Faust, known for example from the band Heilung and owner of tattoo studio Arts På Kroppen . There may be no physical Castlefest on July 30 to August 2, but this beautiful cardigan with zipper and pockets will give you years of pleasure. In addition, we will do our best to have them with you before the original dates of Castlefest 2020. This hoodie is fitted. See the images for the dimensions.

NOTE: This is a pre-order. We expect these to be sent in the 3rd week of July at the latest. Everything is shipped in one order, even if you order other products that are immediately available, so keep this in mind. The image shown is a digital one, not a photo of the actual product. The end result may therefore differ slightly.

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