New! Wicker Bear Racerback Castlefest 2021

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The front of this beautiful fitted racerback features Mother Bear with her little ones. This design was created by Magic Within . On the back is written “CF”.

Softness and primal power united! This year we meet the Wickerman as Mother Bear, with her immense primal strength and courage she is the protector of the forest, the fields and the mountains. She protects her little ones and family with strength, passion and love. In recent times we have experienced that life can throw complicated challenges at us. Last year's griffin taught us to face these challenges with courage and conviction. He gave us the strength to get through this period. Now it's time for the energy of the bear.

The bear has a cycle of retreating, being very close to yourself, and then awakening again full of strength and passion. She gives us grounding, deep in the earth. Take a moment, rest and take a moment for yourself. Then the insights you need will reveal themselves and you will come to your inner core. Do not avoid feelings, be open to your deeper self and what you tell yourself. Be guided by your inner words. Find your own truth and speak that truth. Don't let that stop you, let go of that primal force and roar! The sleeping star awakens. The time to be small is over: take your leadership, be fearless and shine. Enjoy like a bear can. Eating, playing, lounging and laughing until the tears roll down your cheeks. Feel its softness and strength at the same time and see the sun shine through the shadows.
It is time. Time for the energy of the bear.
Material: 100% cotton
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