Castlefest coloring pages

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To really help us and respect the artist who created these drawings, we ask that you do not distribute the uncoloured coloring pages to friends, family, on social media platforms, streaming services or otherwise. This helps us to keep this product special and unique. Of course we think it's fantastic if you share them on our social media channels after coloring: we are very curious about what beautiful works of art you make of them. Use #CastlefestColours for this. Please note: downloading the coloring pages is only possible if you have an account and are logged in. You will always find it under "My account" and "Orders".

This unique set of coloring pages was created by Nelleke Schoemaker from Hollow-Moon-Art . She designed it especially for us and you and was inspired by Castlefest. There are 4 different coloring pages in the set:

  • “Griffin”
  • “Rapalje”
  • “Fantasy”
  • “Twoia”